Sovereign Wealth Fund Solutions
Sovereign Wealth Funds (“SWF”) represent some of the best opportunities in the world for investment managers.  However, being able to access these institutions (and other large private and government organisations) can be difficult and complex. Even if you open successful dialogue with an organisation, it is useful to have a product that will hit the ground running.

We can help in a number of ways.  

·      Identify and short list your strongest and most appealing products.
·      Advice on how to gain access to sovereign wealth funds, private offices & pensions funds (particularly in the Middle East).
·      Offer potential marketing solutions in the region.

We can tailor a plan to meet your needs, based around your product line and location. See examples below;

On-site Training
We can visit you and your sales and team to present a detailed overview of SWF investors and how you can best position your sales and marketing proposition. This would typically take 1 full day,

Detailed Product Review
We can spend time with your organization and review all of your product offerings, with the aim of identifying those products we believe would appeal to SWFs and other large institutional investors. This involves significant quantitative and analytical background work and we would require at least 2 days to meet with and interactive with selective investment team members.

Full Representation
This is the most high level proposition and would involve CHC (acting as a Sales Manager & Product Specialist) working on your behalf to promote one of your pre-selected products*. We would represent you in the region in a full sales capacity, with the aim of procuring large mandates from our partners and contacts in the region.**

Will will only represent ONE offering in each asset class (e.g. Asia Pacific) to ensure that your product is exclusive. Costs will vary depending upon how many asset classes we represent for you (max. 3). A list of the current asset classes and availability are shown here.

*We are limiting the number of products/companies that we will represent in the region and will help identify your strongest product offering.
​**We have access to over 160 organisations in the Middle East region.

Finding a Fund Manager
Trying to identify and good fund manager or group of managers is a daunting task.  In the US alone there are over 5000 registered long-only equity managers, making the process of selection highly complicated and time consuming.

However, given our long history in the multi-manager  industry and our in depth knowledge of ‘high-quality' managers, we are able to work with you in identifying the highest quality managers for your needs.

Whether it’s a large cap US Value manager or an Australian Small cap manager, we can work with you to identify the most suitable manager to suit your needs.This is appropriate in the following circumstances:

·      Identifying managers to replace a current manager in your organisation.
·      Creating a 3rd-party distribution arrangement with a manager not available in your region.
·      Appointing a manager as an adviser on your fund, without the need to relocate to your offices.
·      Independent advising on a specific manager.

Having worked with many of the worlds best fund managers, we have enviable access to many award winning strategies.  We are able to work with our clients to secure long term mandates to suit all investment strategies.

Investment Consultancy Services
Given our long history in multi-manager investing, we are able to offer advice and guidance regarding multi-manager investment strategies and processes.

This includes:

•    A review of your current multi-manager product, with a view to create a more efficient and effective product.
•    A review of your current manager selection process and resulting portfolio construction.
•    The creation of a new multi-manager product, designing policies and procedures for manager selection, asset allocation and portfolio strategy.

We also consider ad-hoc assignments and projects, which can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Non-Executive Directorships (“NED”)
As an existing NED for two leading asset managers, Paul Higginbotham is able to offer significant strength and experience to any fund/investment related board.

We are happy to discuss these options in more detail.

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